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TelCoa thanks U.S. Representatives Jim Himes, Rosa DeLauro, and Elizabeth Esty for introducing the Multi-State Worker Tax Fairness Act, H.R. 4085, 113th Congress. We strongly support this crucial legislation. The bill would finally eliminate the telecommuter tax, a steep penalty often resulting in double taxation of income that interstate telecommuters earn at home. The telecommuter tax unfairly burdens telecommuters and their employers and limits telework adoption. Congress must make the Multi-State Worker Tax Fairness Act law! TelCoa and other advocates are working to secure the bill’s enactment, but we need your help! >>> Read More...
Guest Columnist
4 Great Examples of Telework’s Impact by: Brie Weiler Reynolds As champions of telecommuting and flexible work options for all, we certainly don’t have to tell TelCoa readers about the benefits of telework--we all know and love them. But as organizations like ours work to spread awareness of, and support for, flexible ways of working, it’s really important to remember the individuals for whom we work--the millions of professionals whose lives would be positively impacted by more access to telework and flexible jobs. At 1 Million for Work Flexibility, we hear daily from supporters about why they support the expansion of flexible work options for all. Here are four great examples of why work flexibility, including telework, is vitally important to individuals, to companies, and to society. >>> Read the entire blog at...
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"Working from home not for everyone, but it can still be a 'win-win' for many workers and employers" is an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer featuring TelCoa President Chuck Wilsker and Advisory Board member Diane Stegmeier. For the complete article, > click-here... -------------------------

2014 Sponsoring Membership Benefits

We at The Telework Coalition find that most of our members and sponsoring members join us for different reasons. Some because they want to support us in our efforts in promoting this new way of working, some to get visibility for their products and/or services, and some who want to either learn how to establish a successful telework program or want to hear from us about the trends we have seen in our 9+ years of existence as an organization and many more years of personal involvement in this space. Regardless, we want to work with you and look forward to your input as to what we can do to help you.

Some of the benefits we can offer:

  • TelCoa can assist your organization in developing its strategies and implementing its marketing directed at those who work independent of location.


  • You may request a Senior TelCoa Officer to appear at a 2011 event to discuss the “Whys” of using home based workers, while you might want to recommend the “Hows.”


  • The issuance of a joint press release announcing that your organization has become a sponsoring member of the Telework Coalition in order help advance the implementation of telework in all of its forms – telecommuting, virtual work arrangements, use of a distributed workforce, and expanding the capabilities of mobile workers (‘road warriors’)


  • Participation by TelCoa Senior Staff person in up to two webinars that would promote the benefits of Work@Home™ jobs and working with you. TelCoa would promote those webinars (on our web site) and in any on-line or print publications that may be created, including a joint press release to be issued by your organization.


  • Your logo will appear prominently on TelCoa web site with links to your web site(s) of choice, white papers, presentations, etc.


  • You will have the opportunity to sponsor TelCoa events and gain appropriate recognition. TelCoa ‘Regional Events’ and during the fall of 2011 are possibilities.


  • Up to 300-words describing your products/services with your contact name/information will be placed on the TelCoa site.


  • You can submit white papers and/or case studies focused on your field of interest up to four times per year and to be featured on the TelCoa site.


  • You may participate on conference session planning teams and committees with the opportunity to recommend topics and speakers for presentations, meetings, and other TelCoa events.


  • TelCoa receives many requests from the media to discuss trends in telework and telecommuting. We could include case study examples based on your telework related success stories for added media attention.


  • Product placement: TelCoa’s leadership is contemplating a new “Home Workplace” book, expanding upon previous articles and contributing author works. Your Work@Home™ success stories could become part of the anecdotal stories to bolster sales team efforts via ‘3rd party validation’ referencing.


  • You may include supporting quotes from TelCoa senior management in press releases and other supporting media. Your logo and message CAN and WILL be seen by many of those with whom you have an interest in developing a relationship. We are told by many of our current sponsoring members that is why they renew their sponsorship in TelCoa year after year.


  • You will have the opportunity to participate in conferences, seminars, panels, and other national and regional TelCoa events. If possible, attendance discounts will be made available. In addition, you will be offered discounts on exhibit spaces with priority location choices, when and where available.


  • Other ideas you have for working together will be considered.


We want to emphasize that we want to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas on programs and strategic directions that you feel would nurture and support your goals within the parameters of our mission: “Enabling and Supporting the Advancement of Virtual, Mobile, and Distributed Work through Research, Education, Technology, and Legislation”. We expect our sponsoring members to act as a team with us to help present our stories. We want you and your organization to become actively involved with The Telework Coalition.

We would also consider offering a seat on TelCoa’s Advisory Board to a representative from your organization. If appointed, that person would be listed on our site, with his or her biography and email contact information, as an expert practitioner of virtual, mobile, and distributed work.

Dues for a Sponsoring Membership are assessed on a case by case basis and start at $5,000 per year.


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